Have you ever dreamed of a perfect sales Partner ?


If you answer honestly, you will agree at some point you think to yourself that, What if :

"a sales expert brings enough qualified leads every month... And I could focus on conversion and running business"

But then you face problems in reality like:

  • Leads are crappy,

  • fake leads,

  • Leads are shared with multiple companies

  • lead (the prospect) is annoyed by your call (as he is being contacted by many others)

  • You pay in advance and no lead converts

  • the return on investment (ROI) never ever achieved 

all in all the decision of buying leads feels like a nightmare !!!

 is there is any answer to this ??  what if...

A company who genuinely believes in its leads generation capability, and depends only on conversions to make money !!!

what would you say ? if such Lead generation company is willing to work with you for No cost:

  • Generate hundreds of Quality Leads for your business every month

  • Leads that are exclusive. only for your business (not shared)

  • Get paid only when sales are generated through leads

  • and works on principal "we make money only when You make money"

Would you say Yes !!! why not ??

well... that's exactly what we hear from our clients. "a confident Yes !!! " and proud to say: we continue to generate significant amount of new business each and every month, and get paid only when we make them money.

Its actually very simple and straight forward: Imagine a skilled and confident sales expert walks into your office and says

I want to work with your business, will bring new sales and business leads and you will only pay me is a percentage of sale that you generate from my efforts

who would say no to such proposal !!!( Of-course there would be few things you would ensure before directly trusting that sales person ) 

This is what "Success Alignment System Pvt. Ltd." is doing for its clients !!!

We bare complete risk: 

Its different here, We do not charge client for any thing, not even leads but only get paid when real business is converted and profits are realized through our efforts !!! reason ???

We believe in our strengths !!! and already have experienced many success stories (see section below)

This is Not for everyone: 

you might have guessed already, 9 out of 10 business will say "Yes" to such ridiculous offer. and we can not work with everyone, In fact we are very selective as our entire business depends on how well our clients convert leads we generated...

We only work with established businesses that has:

- an architecture of business systems

- has dedicated resources / people for handling new incoming leads flow every month

- has systems that can support the growing sales and revenues  

- Great conversion rate (business lead to actual revenue) this is our lifeline

- having good standards for quality of service or product they produce

- good reputation and ability to satisfy clients every single time 

We work with only one business in one city

Nothing more frustrating than having one lead shared with multiple companies,

  • It annoys lead (prospect l)

  • It annoys you (service provider)

  • It almost never achieves ROI

Hence, we only provide the exclusive leads. we do not share leads.


Sounds Interesting ? 

would like to find out if there is element of truth in our audacious promises ? whether we really do generate business...?

so much so that we can depend on your conversions to get paid?

Are you thinking ?? that if what we are saying is true, then may be we can be a good sales partner for your business?

then lets discuss it and find out if there is any fit between us. 

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Prasad Karhad

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